Privacy Policy

This charter explains the ShiningTee policy for the protection of privacy on the website accessible via the Internet or via mobile phone at the following address (hereinafter the "Site" or the "website ").

ShiningTee respects your concerns about the privacy of processing personal information while visiting our website. This Charter allows you to learn more about the nature and how ShiningTee uses personal data you provide on the site, the origin and use of navigation information processed during the consultation our website, and finally about your rights.

This Charter is important to you. ShiningTee wants you to have a positive and confident experience using it’s services and wishes to respond accurately and completely to your questions.

This Charter complements the "Terms of Use" and the "Online Sales Terms" of the site and applies to all processed and collected personal and navigation data during your use of our website. By using our Site, you agree with the terms of this charter.

ShiningTee may amend this Charter at any time and the changes take can effect immediately. Therefore, ShiningTee invites you to often refer to this document. The latest version of the privacy protection policy is always available on the website.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service as specified below in the "Rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition to treatment" section.

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